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St Clair Beach Resort Hotel


The Esplanade is regarded by many as one of Dunedin’s best locations and Pier 24 is proving to be one of Dunedin’s best restaurants.


The Main entrance to the Hotel is directly off the Esplanade. The entry provides access to Hotel reception, restaurant and retail The restaurant is situated at the upper level overlooking the Reserve.


The building embodies maritime references and its design contributes to the visual texture, colour and detail of the precinct. Concrete panels at the frontage are constructed of local exposed aggregate bluestone.


Victoria Hotel 

The Victoria Hotel in Dunedin embarked on a major extension comprising 40 additional rooms in a new stand alone block adjacent to the existing Hotel.


Baker Garden were the Architects selected for the job completing design and detail documentation for consenting and tender to strict timeline. 


The new block presents a striking facade to the street enhancing the hotels exposure to the ever expanding tourist market in the city.

Quest Hotels

We have completed new Hotels for Quest in Dunedin and Invercargill. The Dunedin Hotel was a new build on an busy main thoroughfare in central Dunedin.  Special consideration of the traffic access to and from the site was required. The ground floor includes car parking, entrance and reception areas. Two floors of rooms above.


Precast concrete was used to enable quick and efficient construction and also to provide good accoustic separation between the rooms.


The Invercargill hotel was built in the old post office building which has given a new lease of life to this Invercargill landmark.

Ironic Cafe

The Ironic Café and Bar is an essay in adaptive reuse and recycling of construction materials. The building was a dusty panel beaters shop when spotted by Ironic Café operator Steve Wilson as a great location for a new café.


The site is opposite the Dunedin Railway Station and at weekends a Farmers market draws crowds to the area.



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