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Project Management


Baker Garden Architects provides full Architectural Services and Project Management. BGA has a reputation for delivering projects using the proven project management systems offered successfully by Registered Architects for many years. Combining the Architecture and Project Management services in the traditional project delivery process not only saves our clients money but also reduces risk and gives our Clients better control of their project.


Using BGA Registered Architects as principal Consultant and Project Manager gives our Clients;


  • The skills and experience necessary to develop a thorough project brief.

  • A lead consultant that understands the big picture and has a global view.

  • Understanding of the resources needed for each stage of project development.

  • A proven and structured process through design, fesability and delivery.

  • A reduced level of risk as information is co-ordinated and assesed against the project feasibility at each stage. 

  • Fully resolved and co-ordinated documentation that is esential to obtaining accurate tenders and project surety.

  • Our experience in numerous procurement methods.


Baker Garden Architects has designed and managed many large and complex projects. We work alongside our Clients to ensure that we understand their needs. We work hard to provide complete and thorough documentation which is esential to delivering a successful project.




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